Why Getting Ready Photos on your Wedding Day are so Important

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Why Getting Ready Photos on your Wedding Day are so Important

Yes, on your wedding, all of the photos are important.  But if push comes to shove and you can’t add extra hours, you might have to decide whether the getting ready photos or reception dancing photos are more important to you as a couple.

As your wedding photographer, which would I recommend?  Well, if it were ME, I say start earlier in the day with more getting ready photos. Here is why…

First, there is nothing like anticipation on a wedding day!  Your nerves at the beginning of the day are at their highest.  The excitement is palpable.  The emotion is raw.

bride anxiously awaiting after getting ready
son helping father get ready for wedding pictures

bride with friends and family before wedding

excited bride before oostburg wisconsin wedding


So many unexpected moments happen before the guests even arrive!  Like when the groom spontaneously climbs the deer stand at your rustic ceremony location!  Or when the flower girl sneaks a piece of candy from the hidden candy bar.


groomsmen goofing around before wedding

flower girl sneaking candy before wedding


Many couples choose not to be with or see each other at the beginning of the day.  So when they see their getting ready photos for the first time, they really experience what was going down on the other side of the church before their I Do’s!


bridesmaids helping bride getting ready

pictures of groomsmen goofing around before wedding


Ladies, your hair and makeup are flawless at the beginning of the day. Your flowers are at their beautiful peek.  Your dress has just come out of it’s bag for the first time since your final fitting. Everything is perfectly perfect right now.


Wedding Dress

madison bride is ready for fall wedding


In a lot of instances your bridesmaids and groomsmen are your closest friends and family.  Your Mom will probably be there, helping you get ready!  And you might even be able to do a “first look” with your Dad…


bridesmaids tie up brides corset wedding dress

Groom Getting Ready

mom helping daughter with wedding dress pic

first look with dad father daughter first look


When is the last time you all got to hang out together, getting pampered?  Or acting goofy?!  When will you ever have these same people in one room with you again?!


bridesmaids getting ready for wedding at salong by destination wedding photographer

Groom's Pre-Wedding Selfie

bridesmaids helping bride with veil before madison wisconsin wedding


You really don’t want to rush this part of the day.  You’ll want to cherish it, because once you walk down that aisle, the rest of the day is all about you as a couple.


bride in anticipation sheboygan wedding photographer

mom and daughter getting ready for wedding


And remember, the beginning of any story sets the tone for what is to come! This is the time your guests start arriving. The groom is likely greeting them!


setting the stage with getting ready photos destination wedding

guests arriving for wedding ceremony

groom greets guest before west bend wedding


The string ensemble begins playing.  The finishing touches are being piped on your beautiful wedding cake. And the adorable ring bearer is getting his instructions!


string quartet wedding ceremony sheboygan photo

final touches on wedding cake

ring bearer getting instructions before wedding at the bull sheboygan

A relaxed start sets the tone for the rest of your wedding!  And if all of that isn’t enough to sway you, think about this…

This part of the day is the perfect time, and really the ONLY time, for me to build rapport with your closest family and bridal party. Remember, this is probably the first time they’re meeting me! We’ll get more natural and candid photos the rest of your wedding day, if we have time to build some trust and familiarity at the start.

It really is up to you as a couple to decide what photos are most important to you.  I’m there to capture whatever they may be!

If you’re researching wedding photographers, please contact me and I’ll email you my wedding collection and product pricing!