Wedding Photography Gift Registry

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Wedding Photography Gift Registry

Today, many couples are living together before they get married. Those couples already have enough wine glasses, throw pillows, and kitchen gadgets…they don’t need all of the things engaged couples used to register for!

But there is one thing most newlyweds still really want, and that’s beautifully printed engagement and wedding photos to decorate their home with! So now, in addition to a traditional registry, there is a new option: the Wedding Photography Gift Registry!

When you book your wedding with Rebecca Pfeifer Photography, you’ll be emailed a link to register for all of the wedding photography products you want. Simply share the link with your family and friends! When somebody purchases you a gift you’ll be notified, and can redeem your gifts with me at any time. It’s truly that easy!


wedding photography registry


If your budget doesn’t allow for the upgraded album or wall portraits that you want, don’t forgo them! Don’t DIY them! REGISTER for them!

When you’re struggling to find enough things at Bed Bath & Beyond that you really truly need, turn to your wedding registry instead, and imagine that huge canvas or metal print hanging above your couch!

And guess what? Your guests will absolutely love the idea that they can help you purchase that gorgeous heirloom-quality album, or stunning wall portrait. They know they’re giving you a meaningful wedding gift that you’ll treasure for your entire lifetime together.

If you have questions about the Wedding Gift Registry, or are newly engaged and researching Sheboygan photographers for your wedding, please contact me today for full wedding collection and pricing details!