Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos

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Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos

You’ve seen the gorgeous images on pinterest…you’ve drooled over Wisconsin Bride magazine…and beautiful photography is one of the biggest priorities for your wedding.

But there are endless variables that came together perfectly to get that incredible shot!  Lighting conditions, the unique personalities of the subjects, the venue, weather, etc.  A few of those things you have no control over!  But there are some things you can do to help your photographer capture the amazing images you want…

1.  Stay present in the moment. Amazing moments and expressions happen when everyone enjoys the day to its fullest and doesn’t worry about anything regarding photos. In fact, I ask everybody to ignore me. Yes, there will be times I’ll ask you to look at the camera and smile. But the majority of the day I’ll be capturing the real moments that unfold naturally!  So forget the camera is there and encourage your wedding party & family members to do the same.


2.  Slow everything down.  The most memorable events during a wedding day happen SO fast – walking down the aisle, the first kiss, your grand entrance, cutting your cake.  If you want amazing photos of those moments, you have to give your photographer adequate time to capture those quick moments!  This is especially important when your photographer is using a flash, since the flash needs a few seconds to “recycle” between shots before it’s ready to go again.

3.  Trust your photographer.  Resist the urge to give them a huge list of photos you want them to re-create.  Instead, remember they have experience and want your photos to look amazing too!  When they make a recommendation, it’s for a good reason.  Sometimes I’ll ask people to pose in a way that might feel unnatural…but it’s only because I know it’ll look more flattering in a two dimensional photo than it does in real life.  Or I might recommend a location for family formals that you hadn’t considered…because I know the setting and lighting conditions will make it easy to get great group photos fast!


4.  Speaking of lighting…amazing photography is all about the quality of light.  Your photographer will be able to deliver better photos when you consider the lighting conditions!  Having an outdoor ceremony at 1:00pm almost guarantees either squinty eyes or dark faces. Getting married in your church with little or no windows when there are restrictions for flash photography is going to mean really grainy images.  A dark reception room isn’t going to look near as magical as a room with accent lighting – like twinkle lights, candles, up-lighting from your DJ, etc.


5. Prepare your family and wedding party for the style of photography you’ve chosen.  My style happens to be pretty photo-journalistic, which is why it’s best everybody ignores me and carries on!  But if your Mom’s idea of a wedding photographer is somebody who photographs a few posed images throughout the day, she might feel uncomfortable when I show up to photograph you guys getting ready and she doesn’t have her makeup on yet.  I also love capturing all of those little, but special, details.  If your Maid of Honor doesn’t know that, she might think it’s a little strange when I’m lying in the middle of the hallway trying to get an epic shot of your shoes (yes, that’s happened!).

It’s vital to communicate your excitement about your choice of photography with those who’ll be with you all day.  An email with a link to my website is usually all it takes.  When they see examples of my work it will help them understand what I’m trying to capture.  And hopefully they’ll feel more comfortable and at ease when my camera is around, allowing me to capture more natural images!

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And if you’re still researching wedding photographers, please contact me for complete details and pricing!