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General F.A.Q.s

I do not currently have a studio but it’s in the works and estimated grand opening is summer 2017. However, if you need a studio shot, I do have a portable backdrop stand, backdrop, and all of the lighting equipment to bring my studio to you. I’ve used garages, churches, living-rooms, basements, and conference rooms for studio sessions with beautiful results.

For consultations and meetings, I am happy to travel to your home if you’re in the Sheboygan area. If not, we can either skype or meet at a coffee shop in or other location in between us.

I use my trusted Canon 5d mark iii and always have my backup camera nearby too! I carry multiple lenses (my favorites being the 85mm and 100mm macro), lots of portable flash gear, and all of the little but important stuff like reflectors, filters, and light modifiers to help us get creative imagery!
While I generally prefer working with natural light, I have lighting gear and know how to use it! I carry a collection of flashes, LED video lights, and reflectors / diffusers in my lighting bag, and will be able to beautifully light any less-than-ideal setting we’re working in.
Senior sessions include complimentary photographer travel within 20 miles of Sheboygan, WI. Multiple locations should be within 10 miles of each other.

Weddings and engagement sessions include complimentary photographer travel within 50 miles of Sheboygan, WI. For distances beyond these limits, please contact me for a details travel quote!

Editing is the process of adjusting color balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. This basic editing is included for all images. Advanced retouching (such as blemish removal, braces removal, glass glare removal, skin smoothing, etc.) is not included in basic editing, though it is included with prints and products purchased through me.
I have accounts with many professional photography labs and can order almost any product you’re interested.  Please send me a photo with description & dimensions and I will get you a custom product quote!
I am required to charge WI state sales tax for every service and product I provide in the state of WI. Current sales tax rates will be applied to your final balance/invoice/total.
I prefer checks or money orders. Credit cards are also accepted and processed via Paypal (you will NOT need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card). Payment plans can be set up to meet your needs!


Senior Session F.A.Q.s

The best way to get the process started is to contact me via email!  After I’ve answered any questions you have, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out.  Your questionnaire & session agreement are required to officially book your session in my calendar!  
The sooner you book your session, the better selection of dates and time you’ll have to choose from. I usually start booking my first senior sessions early in the spring for June & July dates. Even if you are planning on a late summer or fall senior session, it never hurts to book early!
I photograph weddings most weekends, and the ones I’m blessed to have off, I enjoy spending with my family.  Thus, I only schedule portrait sessions Monday – Thursday.
When I receive your session fee & questionnaire I’ll email you a confirmation and lots of helpful information on what to expect, how to prepare, choosing location & outfits. After you look over everything I’ll help plan the details with you via phone or email!
Definitely let me know as soon as you start feeling sick if your session is coming up within a few days.  If you’re not feeling well, your pictures will show it. It’s much easier to reschedule now than suffer through a session and end up with results you aren’t happy with.
As a photographer I’m usually checking the weather every day, 3 times a day, and from 3 different sources! Weather conditions change all the time. Several things will determine if we will need to reschedule your session, and I’ll be in touch with you if it looks like the weather could cause us to reschedule. I try to leave ample time in my schedule each week so I can accommodate reschedules as quickly as possible.
No problem. I can definitely help you there! I’ve written a blog post with tips for choosing a location for your senior session. I’m also happy to help you once I know a little more about you and what you’re looking for from your session! I love trying out new places and using personal property for sessions – anything to make your pictures unique!
I feel like 3 outfits is ideal, but please bring lots of choices! The more you have to choose from the better – I’ll help choose what works best with the particular location, backdrop, lighting & feel we’re going for!
Yes, if fact I highly encourage you to bring one or two people. Moms are welcome, as are best friends. They can be put to work carrying your outfits, makeup bag, jewelry, shoes, water, etc. And sometimes they can even help me with lighting equipment to get an epic shot! Bring somebody who you are really comfortable with, who makes you laugh, etc.
Yes! Please let me know if there is somebody special you would like to include in part of your senior session.
Yes. Professional retouching is included for printed products ordered through me. If you are at all worried about blemishes I highly recommend having professional makeup applied for your session! It will make a huge difference in your confidence, provide that extra pep in your step, and give you a beautiful glow & gleaming smile!
Your reveal & ordering appointment will take place a few weeks after your session. I’ll typically come to your home, “reveal” your proofs (using a slideshow on my laptop), then we’ll go through 1 by 1 to narrow it down to your favorites. I’ll show you product samples and then help you put together your order!
I need the due date, email address of adviser/editor, and any specific requirements your school has. I also need the image # you have selected.


Wedding F.A.Q.s

A deposit and signed contract are required to reserve your wedding date in my calendar.  Please contact me for my current availability and to start the booking process!
Of course. I have a current passport and am ready to travel anywhere! We’ll work out travel / compensation – just contact me with details!
Unfortunately, I’ve found the only fair way is to book weddings on a first-come, first-served basis. The first couple who pays their deposit and completes their contract will secure the date.
It’s common for dates in the popular months of May – October to book over a year in advance. I recommend booking as soon as possible!
 I would characterize my wedding photography style as “simple & timeless”. I want your images to look amazing 50 years from now. The majority of the day I’ll be focusing on capturing candid images (a.k.a. “photojournalism”)! But we’ll also take the time for some casual & naturally posed couple, family & group photos (more “traditional” images). Throughout the day, and as time allows, I’ll be looking for opportunities to make a more creative image (a.k.a. “fine-art” photography) that you would be proud to display in your home. And of course I love taking those beautiful detail shots too. My approach to a wedding day is multi-faceted!
That varies a lot, but on average about 75 photos per hour of coverage.  I’ll get rid of all of our test shots, images with missed focus, bad expressions, and duplicates, and everything that remains will be edited and delivered to you!
Woah, that’s a loaded question. The best way is to meet with me! We can have a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, and chat about you two & your wedding plans. I can show you some sample albums and answer all of your burning questions. I promise, I’m not the salesy pushy type and I want to find out if we’re truly a good match as much as you do! If you’re still in the process of researching photographers, check out my quiz to see if I might be the perfect photographer for your wedding!
Yes. All wedding collections include a 2nd photographer. This allows us the flexibility to capture different things that may be happening at the same time. It also means I can be a little more creative while the 2nd photographer captures traditional shots (or vise versa). Plus, it never hurts to have a well qualified back-up on the most important day of your life! I’ve written an entire blog post on why you need a second shooter.
Engagement sessions are considered complimentary with all wedding locations. Having an engagement session will make a huge positive impact on your wedding photos. As your photographer I will be with you all day long on your wedding day. The more comfortable you guys are with me, the better photos I will be able to capture. I’ll also already have an idea of what your best features are, what your quarks & personalities are, and how to bring those out in your photos. Not to mention you’ll be able to use those photos for save the dates, invites, guest book, reception decor, a wall portrait for your house, etc. For all of these reasons, I consider your engagement session complimentary and do not give a discount on your collection if you choose to pass. If there are travel or some other factor(s) that will make it inconvenient for us to do an engagement session before the wedding, please let me know so we can work out something else.
You do not need to choose a collection in order to officially book your wedding. However, in order for us to plan your wedding timeline, and set up an (optional) payment plan, I recommend choosing your wedding collection as soon as possible! Most couples finalize their collection 6+ months before their wedding date, when timeline planning gets more serious.
So glad you asked! Putting together the Wedding Day Timeline is usually one of the most overwhelming tasks for a bride and groom. But think about it – you have a tremendous resource at your hands – your photographer! I’ve written a blog post with some timeline considerations, and also outlined some ideal time frames for your wedding photos, but I would love to get more involved in this process when the time comes!
Yes! I love when couples decide to include a First Look in their wedding day for so many reasons. Of course there are pros and cons, so I’ve written an entire blog post here!
This is something we can work on together. The long traditional “shot lists” provided by the bridal magazines are a great idea in theory, but not really necessary. As someone who has photographed many weddings, I capture those images without prompting. But we’ll definitely make a detailed shot list for your family formals. This will ensure family formals run smoothly and that we don’t miss anybody! And we’ll also make a short “must-have list” of any wedding party, couple, or detail photos that are really important to you. While pinterest and the internet are great for planning, my goal is to capture unique and beautiful photos of you, in the environment and weather we have to work with.
I’ll check in with you before we pack up our gear to see if additional coverage is needed. Coverage can be added in 1/2 hour increments at our normal hourly rate.
Approx. 4 – 6  weeks after your wedding date.
Yes, wedding collections include an online gallery! From the gallery you can view, download, share, and purchase images.
I am required to charge WI state sales tax for every service and product I provide in the state of WI. Current sales tax rates will be applied to your final balance.
Yes, my business carries liability insurance which I am happy to provide to any venue or vendor who requires it.


If you have any questions remaining, please ask me so I can answer them for you & future potential clients!

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