6 Tips for Looking your Best in your Senior Pictures

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6 Tips for Looking your Best in your Senior Pictures

Everybody wants to look their best in their senior pictures!  And while it’s my job as your photographer to find and suggest flattering light, angles and poses for you, there are some things you can try to remember to do too…

1.  Relax.  If you’re worried, stressed, or tense it will show in your hands, shoulders, and facial expression.  But if you’re feeling confident that will show instead! The most important thing you can do to look better during your senior session is to let go of all your insecurities and focus on having fun. Bring 1 or 2 family members or friends who make you laugh. Don’t be afraid to be goofy. And make sure you’ve prepared well so there is nothing to be nervous about!


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2.  Breath.  You probably won’t even realize you’re holding your breath, but most people do as soon as a camera is pointed at them. So constantly remind yourself to take a few deep breaths.  It’s amazing how remembering to breath can bring so much life into your photos ; )

3. Lean in.  Everybody has the tenancy to shrink back into themselves when a camera is pointed at them.  But the most flattering position is actually leaning in towards the camera with your upper body.  Leaning in captures and engages the viewers attention, and allows the focus to stay on what’s most important in a portrait – your eyes.


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4. Posture.  It’s super important. Pretend somebody tied a string to the top of your head and is pulling you up. Then pull your shoulders back down and back. Even when you’re leaning towards the camera, try to keep this straight line with your spine.

5. Shake it out. It’s easy to start looking rigid when you’re concentrating so much on good posture! Moving around will keep you loose. Shake out your hands and shoulders whenever you notice them feeling stiff. Sway a bit with the wind (especially if you have on a flowy skirt ladies)! And don’t be afraid to keep changing the position of your legs and arms slightly. We have a saying in photography: if it bends, bend it!


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6.  Trust your photographer.  Remember, your photographer should have years of experience posing people! Sometimes I’ll ask people to pose in a way that might feel unnatural…but it’s only because I know it’ll look more flattering in a two dimensional photo than it does in real life. Also – if you’re not sure what your photographer is asking for, ask them to show you! I always try to demonstrate exactly what I’m looking for your to do so you can just copy it! And finally, if you’re self-conscious about anything, let your photographer know your concerns in advance so they can plan for and address those concerns before and during the session.


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