4 Questions to help you find a Senior Photographer

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4 Questions to help you find a Senior Photographer

So it’s your junior year and you’re starting to think about senior pictures!  Exciting stuff!  But where to even start?!

Once you start researching you’ll find there are very different skill levels, price points, experiences, and products offered by photographers.  So before you start comparing photographers, make this process easier by asking yourself these really important questions first…


1. What do I want my senior pictures to look like?

The days of everybody looking the exact same in their senior pictures are long gone!  We will be tailoring your senior session to your personality. Are you…fun & goofy?  Outdoorsy?  Artsy or musical?  Sporty?  Fashion forward?  Laid back?  That’s what your pictures should look like as well!

When you start researching, look through the photographer’s portfolio for images that speak to you.  Try to pick out similar characteristics in the photos you’re most drawn to.  You’ll soon start to be able to describe the style you like….just make sure the photographer offers a style both you and your parents will appreciate (after all they’re the ones paying the bill!)




Where do you want your senior pictures taken?

All of my senior sessions are done “on-location”.  We’ll use the location to help convey the feeling and style that you want, so your pictures look unique and different.  But some photographers only offer studio sessions or charge additional fees for going “on-location” (nope, not me)!

Once you know what you want your pictures to look like, think about locations that will make that look possible.  Maybe it’s…tall grass & fields? An old barn?  Downtown buildings?  Water & bridges?  A forest full of trees?  If you don’t have a specific place in mind…no worries, I’ll be able to suggest locations that will help us achieve you the look you love.  But definitely choose between studio session vs. on-location session before you choose your senior photographer!




How do I want to display & enjoy my senior pictures?

This is something most seniors and parents don’t think about early enough.  Do you want to remember your senior portrait experience by flipping through an album of all of your amazing senior pictures?  By getting on your phone and viewing a slideshow?  Or handing out wallets to all of your friends?  Do your parents want a beautiful piece of artwork for their walls so they can see your smiling face every day, even when you’re off at college?

Knowing what you AND your parents want means you can specifically look for it on the photographer’s product menu.  As you research you’ll notice some photographer offer only digital files while others offer printed products of the highest-quality.  Some photographers will package their products together, while others let you create your own collection.  When you aren’t confined to a package you’ll have the flexibility to order only the products you want and need!


fine art prints from sheboygan photographer-2160


What kind of experience am I looking for?

There are plenty of photographers out there offering inexpensive cookie-cutter senior sessions.  And hey – that might be fine if your only goal is to get a few prints and wallets.  But if you want a truly special experience – one aimed at celebrating the unique individual you’ve become – that’s something totally different.

When you’re interested in a custom experience and images that capture the real you, it’s really important to look for a photographer you can trust and interact well with.  Their website, particularly their about page and blog, should help give you an idea of who they are and how you’ll be able to connect with them.  Then, when you’re closer to choosing your senior photographer, be sure to communicate your ideas and concerns, to make sure you’re all on the same page.


Fall Senior Pictures at the American Club


Now is the time to start talking about these things with your parents so your search for a senior photographer is that much easier!  Think I might be the one?! Contact me today to receive my senior session guide and schedule a time for us to chat!